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Monday, May 30, 2005

None at all

I didn't take any bunnies bc I was running late leaving on Friday as it was... Got to PA after a 6-hour car ride just in time to catch some dinner with my parents (and consume some wicked tasty margaritas!). So, no bunnies this weekend... I really, really missed them. And Pea and Hops are acting like they really missed me, too. All cuddly and playful with me. Awww...

Oh, no bunnies, but no camera, either. I'm a dumbass and forgot it. So the pix are in my head and since I'm probably the worst artist (freehand drawer) on the planet, they're not going to do you a damn bita good.

But, lest I leave you hopeless and forlorn, I'm going back in two weeks (actually, like, 10 days) for my Grandma's 90th birthday party.Which'll be fun. But another trip. It's always daunting getting ready for the trip, but worth it when I get there.

The party was a lot of fun this weekend. Aiden, in true Aiden fashion, decided about 4 minutes into his party that he needed to be George of the Jungle, which to a 3-year-old means that he takes off all his clothes and hangs out in his diaper all day. The temperature plummeted from 81 degrees to 56 degrees (sunny to thunderstorming and then raining) in a matter of minutes. The kid didn't care. He was hanging out right by the screen door to the deck in a diaper and nothing else. Unless you count the gladiator helmet, sword, armor and shield he got or the Batman mask, webbed gloves and flippers he got. He couldn't decide what the hell he wanted to be... Ah, to be 3 and have multiple identies and not to be looked down upon for it. :-)

So, that's my weekend story. No bunnies, no pix, no brain, apparently. But a very cute nearly naked 3-year-old and his sweeter-than-honey big sister to hang out with all day on Saturday. Life is good.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

travel cages Posted by Hello

Oreo cookie picture

It's not digital. I guess I took it before I had a digital camera of my very own. So I'll have to scan it and then post it.

Gotta love technology!

Going back to Pennsylvania this weekend (tomorrow, actually) to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday party. I'm sure I'll slap some adorable pix up next week. He's a treasure and a half. Thinking of taking a bunny or two (Hops and/or Pea). Hate to waste the travel cages that take up all that room in my living room! "If you build them they will travel in them..." I may just keep Hops home to romp with the girls; he'd be happier doing that. But Pea would be virtually alone all weekend -- watching the fun without being able to participate -- since she's caged when I'm not there. Maybe Pea and her mommy need some bonding time. Then there'd be the opportunity for wicked cute pictures... Corinne always loves when I bring a bunny or two.

But it's hassle. But it'd be worth it. But... See? The decisions I have to make. So important, so earth-shattering. To bring Pea or not to bring Pea? That is the question. Whether tis nobler... Ya know. Shakesbunny and all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not all about bunnies

So, I've been busy the past few weeks (read: I've been a big bloggy slacker). Neurologists and MRIs and Mom visiting and... So I'm at work now, the best place to waste some time and blog. It's what I call "fake working." Just please don't tell my boss. (HA! If you only knew how funny that was. I sent my boss an email last week saying I was going to take Thursday and Friday off to spend it with my mom who was visiting me. He replies, "enjoy." He's an awesome guy, just really doesn't care if I'm online or not, as long as the work gets done in the long run. It's pretty much sticking to the philosophy behind TechTarget, which is nice.)

Not every entry here will be about my kids or bunnies in general. So don't be disappointed if you've come here for the lagamorphs. There'll be plenty of bunny talk, don't worry. Okay, okay, just so you don't go through withdrawal -- I've taken to calling Hops, Ariel and Kayla "Oreo cookies." When the three of them line up side to side, it's like a stack of Oreos. Of course, now I'm craving Double Stuffs... Gee, thanks, kids. I'll post a pic of them when I get home. Don't have it on my laptop. I think I have one on my PC.

So TechTarget's Expert Answer Center is one of the sites I work on (and the site I run). IT professionals can ask questions to an on-demand expert, who changes every two weeks, and one of my previous topics was Windows troubleshooting. Here's a question that I received (I'll not mention the person's name, for fear they'll find me and we'll become friends -- ;-]):

I had a contractor do some work for me and they painted my windows. I asked to not paint my tracks, but they did. I asked them how they are going to fix this and they said that it can just be cleaned off. I just don't see how this is possible when there is one coat of primer and two coats of paint. I told them that I would like an expert opinion on this before they come out and make a huge for nothing. I'm not sure how I can find someone to inspect the windows to see if they are ruined. Any help would be appreciated.

Cute, man... really cute.

Monday, May 09, 2005

He knows when you are healthy, he knows when you are sick

If my post about Raisin Time was called "He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake," (as you may recall, Hops knows I'm up and ready for Raisin Time the second my feet hit the floor in the morning) then this blog entry's title would make more sense. ;-)

However, I have to tout my boy yet again, the Smartie. Saturday was a shitty day for me. I had another all-too-frequent migraine. I went to bed Friday night with a slight something going on -- could have been just a tired headache -- and woke up at 1:00 p.m. (that's not the weird part) with a splitting headache. Tried (successfully and not) to go back to sleep until 5:00, then got out of bed, talked to Jannine for a few minutes (her first words after my "Hello" were "You don't sound so good."), took a hot bath (which sometimes helps), went back to bed from 7:30 until 9:15, felt a bit better, then watched Shall We Dance?, a pretty cute movie for what it was.

So, the bunny story is embedded in the 1:00 to 5:00 timeframe. I said hi to the kids when I woke up, but didn't get up bc, well, I would have either fallen over or gotten sick. Better to stay stationary. About 2:00, Hops hopped up on the bed, walked up and around my legs and nestled in with me where I could put my arm around him and give him kisses on his head. We snuggled like that for about 20 minutes to half an hour before he decided he was getting too hot. But the little honks of pleasure when I'd pet him just so and the kisses he showered me with -- those are the times I feel he's so connected to me. He knew I was sick and he came to comfort me. This is not the first time he's done this, mind you -- just the first time I've had a chance to blog about it.

I guess my Mother's Day present from my kids came a day early.

Amber, my first bunny for those of you who don't know the story (maybe I'll post more of it as time goes on), used to climb on me and cuddle with me whenever I'd cry, which for the last year or so of his life, was quite a lot. He had no bunny siblings, as Hops does, so all of his bonding was directed toward me.

I've always believed that animals sense things -- approaching storms (my bunnies have always gotten especially rambunctious before it snows, for example), tension in a household, but to know that a person they're bonded to just needs some loving cuddles -- that's cool. For all the vet visits and litter box cleaning and worrying when they're sick, one kiss from a bunny makes it all worthwhile to me.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Getting rushed

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I wanted to share the wonderful feeling I get every morning. Once the first foot lands on the ground, Hops is right there -- awake and having come running from wherever he was: under the bed or in the girls' cage or playing in the living room (he only ever really ventures right outside the bedroom door and into the bathroom if I'm not in the living room -- not sure why -- theories are welcome!). Then I sit on the floor by the foot of my bed (grabbing the raisin container and the papaya jar on the way down). Ariel and Hops climb all over my legs, Kayla pokes her nose out from under the bed and SweetPea sticks as much of her face through the bars of her cage as she can.

They're all looking for love from their Momma. No, they're really not. But I kid myself into believing they are. They're really looking for raisins... They all have very different styles. Another case study that proves the theory that bunny personalities are as varied as people's.

Juniper Hops is very, very excited for the treats as illustrated by his climbing up my legs and his dancing around, but takes the raisin very politely from my fingers. He used to always bite each raisin in half, drop the second half, chew the first half thoroughly and then pick up the second half. Repeat process with second raisin. But since being bonded to Ariel and Kayla (about a year and a half ago), he's not been able to find the second halves that he's dropped, bc Ariel has scarfed them up. She's learned to be right next to him at raisin time to get the dropped halves. And they say bunnies are stupid! HA! So now he eats the whole raisin a time. He loves her dearly, but giving up half of every raisin he gets is where he draws the line.

Ariel will bite off my finger if it meant getting a raisin, and she frequently does give me a nibble. She's always been my Fatty, the hungriest one. But she's beautiful and voluptuous and perfect, so I forgive the finger nibbles. Ariel can take three raisins in her mouth at the same time and beg for more four seconds later. It's usually one raisin at a time, but sometimes she'll steal more than her share from me.

...As opposed to Kayla, who is so timid she hesitates taking anything from me (even yummy raisins) unless she's in her cage. Frequently, she'll hop into her cage at raisin time just to take her treats. When she occasionally gets more than one raisin, she'll nibble one off the bunch and let the rest drop below her. If Ariel gets wise and tries to steal it, Kayla will growl at her and sometimes bat her away. They're twins, Ariel and Kayla, and they adore each other, but they also have a very delicate relationship when it comes to food. Kayla would no doubt have already starved to death if she hadn't developed this attitude toward her sister.

Meanwhile, SweetPea is still sticking her nose up to her cheeks through the little bars of her cage. (She's the only "contained bunny" and only bc she and Ariel fight like fiends when they're out together -- the baby gate works, but only when I can curb Pea's naughtiness in the living room. When Pea's out, Hops decides whether he wants to hang out in the living room with her or in the bedroom with the girls. His decision is made apparent to me by his nibbling on the baby gate to get to the other side of it, at which point I go lift him over.) Pea takes the raisins very, very gingerly. She'll NEVER bite my finger. She barely bites the raisin. She sniffs it and tests it for texture and taste before she finally sets her teeth on it. It takes a good five to seven seconds to get her to take each raisin. She loves 'em, she just wants to be sure what she's getting is actually a raisin (and not some plastic replication of such?).

So that's round one. By the time I sit there with my fingers holding the raisins for Pea to test it to see if it really is an actual raisin, Hops is done his, Ariel's done hers and Kayla's usually done hers and still under the bed. Ariel and Hops are climbing all over me, wishing I had built-in stairs ("This Momma sure is a slippery one!") so they could just walk up my body, across my arm and get the damn raisins themselves. Round two is pretty much like round one, except if Kayla got more than one raisin to start, she won't take another. She on a diet or something? ("Too many sweets and I'll end up looking like Kayla!!")

Then comes the papaya pills, which Kayla, if she's under the bed, won't take, but will instead run into the depths of her shelter (if she's in the cage, she'll eat one gladly). The papaya pills have an enzyme that breaks down the fur they eat so it doesn't clog their fragile systems. Some bunny people say this is a bunch of hooey, but I figure one pill a day for each of them couldn't hurt them and they love them, so I do it. The enzyme can also be found in pineapples. Factoid about bunny health: the bunny digestive tract only goes one way -- they can't puke up hairballs like cats can, but they clean themselves like cats do. If their junk gets clogged, their systems go into statis, which could kill them. Unlimited hay is a good way to keep the systems moving along, but this papaya/pineapple enzyme helps, too (say some).

From Rabbit.org, the House Rabbit Society's Web site:

"Pineapple juice, papaya and/or enzyme products are helpful in treating hair-balls in the rabbit."

Because the rabbit can not spit, it ingests a lot of hair when grooming. It is commonly thought that this ingested hair leads to gastric hair-balls...For at least three decades rabbit owners have treated this problem with a host of digestive enzyme products including pineapple juice, papaya, or papaya tablets (all of which contain the digestive enzyme papain), or a number of pharmaceutical enzyme products including Prozyme, Viokase and many more. Several well performed scientific studies have shown that these products neither correct nor prevent the accumulation of hair, nor will they dissolve the accumulation of food and hair that forms in the stomach of the rabbit. We have found, however, that pineapple juice may have some positive effect in the rehydration and return of normal stomach acid levels in the stomach contents of rabbits with gastric stasis.

See more myths here.

After two raisins and papaya pills, the kids know the morning ritual is over. They turn away and hide under the bed or play or hop in their condo (which, as I've said before, is always open). Sometimes Hops sticks around for some pets and snuggles and a few kisses, but then I gather up the empty salad bowls and go wash them and get my day started. But there's really nothing like the unbridled love and affection I get bc I'm the Mommy (well, um, okay -- because I can open the raisins and disperse yumminess).

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Is it just me or does my pic in my profile (look right -- on the screen, silly, I'm not standing next to you!) look like a totally different person than this girl?

Thought so. The first profile one is more me, methinks, no?

Such a lady -- getting carrots before Hops can take them Posted by Hello

Pea and the bowl in question Posted by Hello

What goes bump in the night

...is my SweetPea (who during darkness hours does NOT always live up to her name). When she finishes her salad, she turns the big plastic dog bowl into a tossing toy. So every night, she wakes me up by clunking her salad dish around in her cage. And there's a ceramic tile in her cage, which adds wonderfully to the cacophony of the night. I gotta find some big dish that attaches to the cage, bc this little routine got old about 6 months ago. 5:00 a.m. is not my favorite time to be awake, unless I'm still awake, if you get my drift.

Her water dish used to be a problem, but I found a small water dish that clamps on. Now I need a huge one for salad... the supply demand never ends, which is strange, bc you'd think after 7 years of having bunnies I'd be all set. Then I get another one with different habits and different needs (they're like people, seriously) and I gotta basically start from scratch again.

Oh, the fun! :-) At least I like treasure hunts. Keeping the kids supplied is exactly that. Just maybe need that extra dough the boss is going to toss me... (Gillin, that'd be you; and get a move on it, wouldja? -- see comments from my first post).

I have topics coming out my ears for this blog. Really, I need a Q-Tip... it's getting messy. But if there's anything you want me to talk about, lemme know.


When I sign up for anything online and it has an "interests" field, I always repeat "bunnies" in the list. Sometimes like three or four times. Am I obsessed? Let's look at the facts.

I have a one-bedroom, 600-square-foot apt. I have four bunnies (or, rather, they have me). I have 5 cages for my kids, but only one bunny is ever enclosed in one of the cages and that's just when I'm not here or sleeping. When ppl walk into my cluttered apartment for the first time, they usually do a doubletake. I invariably say, "Yeah, but half this stuff is for the bunnies." The truth is, it's probably more than half. The little rugrats have taken over my life more voraciously than kudzu. But you'll never hear me complain (well, sometimes on litter box day). I love 'em too much. (Although, really, would it just kill them to grow an opposable thumb and pitch in with the litter boxes??!?!)

I find I have loads of stories to tell about my kids. Today, for instance, Ariel and Pea became a big ball of noisy rolling fur. Oh, it was fun trying to separate the warriors (or rather, the instigator and her big sis, who's almost half Pea's size and who doesn't "take no crap from no one") while they were rolling with each other under the bed. Ariel literally ran into my arms after the tussle and sagged into me for snuggles and soft talking and pets and kisses; she laid her head on my arm when I held her in my lap -- safe. Not sure who won the fight, but it got both of them all exhausted. (They both got some Momma cuddles as a consolation prize.)

Oh, and the verdict to the "Am I totally obsessed" question? Yeah, totally. Crazy Bunny Lady. Let the names come. Bring it on! It's nothing my kids don't already know about me. And to certain people, it makes me more endearing. (I hang out with some nutty people, I know.)

So, welcome to my blog. May bunny stories fly! Feel free to comment, of course...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Photo o' me

Long story short -- gotta post my pic on blogger. Original location disappeared. So here goes (the girl next door pic).