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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Greyhound and bunny? I must be nuts! Or not

I'm v proud of Jacoby with Bandit and SweetPea. Today, as most days, Pea jumped out of her cage and walked within 3 inches of his nose (he was lying down, natch). She's totally not afraid of him. I think Pea thinks Jacoby's just an 80-pound bunny. He DOES have very large ears when he's alert. Anyway, Jacoby's only reaction to Pea's approach and hopping was to twitch his nose just a little to get whatever scent he could from her. He realized the first few days he was here that is he picked his head up when either girl came near, that would scare them. So he's been very careful to remain still when they come close.

He's the kindest heart I've ever seen in an animal. Which is saying a lot, because I've been lucky enough to find some truly wonderfully kind animals.

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