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Monday, February 01, 2010

Jacoby's pedigree

He may be a lazy dog now, but Jacoby comes from great stock! The good thing about greyhounds is that they are tracked very carefully, even the pups who don't race. They all have tattoos in their ears identifying them from birth. Greyhound-data.com lists every (I think) greyhound, their pedigree, their racing stats, etc.

We knew Jacoby (born as M's Goodstuff) never ran a race.

So we learned today that Jacoby is a Florida boy. And it looks like his littermates didn't really race too well either,despite having pretty successful parents. His dad dad, Big Boy Baggio, ran 133 races and won 85 times. Quite impressive, and then it's no mystery why he was chosen to sire 137 puppies! (That's not a typo.)

Jacoby's mom, Flying Limon, ran 66 races and won 6 times. Then had only 14 puppies in 2 litters, Jacoby's on November 29, 2004, and a more successful racing litter on January 19, 2006.

Of Jacoby's three brothers and two sisters, only two of them ever raced. His brother M's Whole Hog, ran 7 races and came in 2nd only once (never won). His sister M's Gravy Train ran 4 races and never did too well.

However, Flying Limon can be proud of her second litter in the athletic arena -- three of the eight pups she had with M's Lucky Scott ran more than 10 races. (Scott himself won 26 races of the 134 he ran. And produced 44 puppies.) In fact, Jacoby's half brother, M's Big Buddy, won 8 of the 133 races he ran. Buddy's sister, M's Luckylouella, has won 8 out of 59 races she's been in. M's Ready Freddy, another brother of this litter, won 8 out of the 31 races he ran.

Thanks to the Internet and some incredibly-kept records, we can find out all about our beloved greys. But all I need to know about Jacoby doesn't come from a stat site. It all comes from the way he wakes from a nap, stretches, and heads over to me to nuzzle his huge head in my lap.

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