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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What goes bump in the night

...is my SweetPea (who during darkness hours does NOT always live up to her name). When she finishes her salad, she turns the big plastic dog bowl into a tossing toy. So every night, she wakes me up by clunking her salad dish around in her cage. And there's a ceramic tile in her cage, which adds wonderfully to the cacophony of the night. I gotta find some big dish that attaches to the cage, bc this little routine got old about 6 months ago. 5:00 a.m. is not my favorite time to be awake, unless I'm still awake, if you get my drift.

Her water dish used to be a problem, but I found a small water dish that clamps on. Now I need a huge one for salad... the supply demand never ends, which is strange, bc you'd think after 7 years of having bunnies I'd be all set. Then I get another one with different habits and different needs (they're like people, seriously) and I gotta basically start from scratch again.

Oh, the fun! :-) At least I like treasure hunts. Keeping the kids supplied is exactly that. Just maybe need that extra dough the boss is going to toss me... (Gillin, that'd be you; and get a move on it, wouldja? -- see comments from my first post).

I have topics coming out my ears for this blog. Really, I need a Q-Tip... it's getting messy. But if there's anything you want me to talk about, lemme know.


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