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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not all about bunnies

So, I've been busy the past few weeks (read: I've been a big bloggy slacker). Neurologists and MRIs and Mom visiting and... So I'm at work now, the best place to waste some time and blog. It's what I call "fake working." Just please don't tell my boss. (HA! If you only knew how funny that was. I sent my boss an email last week saying I was going to take Thursday and Friday off to spend it with my mom who was visiting me. He replies, "enjoy." He's an awesome guy, just really doesn't care if I'm online or not, as long as the work gets done in the long run. It's pretty much sticking to the philosophy behind TechTarget, which is nice.)

Not every entry here will be about my kids or bunnies in general. So don't be disappointed if you've come here for the lagamorphs. There'll be plenty of bunny talk, don't worry. Okay, okay, just so you don't go through withdrawal -- I've taken to calling Hops, Ariel and Kayla "Oreo cookies." When the three of them line up side to side, it's like a stack of Oreos. Of course, now I'm craving Double Stuffs... Gee, thanks, kids. I'll post a pic of them when I get home. Don't have it on my laptop. I think I have one on my PC.

So TechTarget's Expert Answer Center is one of the sites I work on (and the site I run). IT professionals can ask questions to an on-demand expert, who changes every two weeks, and one of my previous topics was Windows troubleshooting. Here's a question that I received (I'll not mention the person's name, for fear they'll find me and we'll become friends -- ;-]):

I had a contractor do some work for me and they painted my windows. I asked to not paint my tracks, but they did. I asked them how they are going to fix this and they said that it can just be cleaned off. I just don't see how this is possible when there is one coat of primer and two coats of paint. I told them that I would like an expert opinion on this before they come out and make a huge for nothing. I'm not sure how I can find someone to inspect the windows to see if they are ruined. Any help would be appreciated.

Cute, man... really cute.


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