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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shopping adventure turns deadly

...for a bag of Old Mother Hubbard "Give Me a Kiss" biscuits.

Jacoby went with me for the first time to our favorite discount pet supply store, Stateline Pet Supply in Plaistow, NH, which happens to be about an hour's drive north of where we live in Framingham, MA. So it was a longish drive for him, and when we got there, he was immediately greeted by the loudest yappy barking of a horribly-behaved Boston terrier, who actually looked more like a bulldog in build. This little dog actually jumped out of the cart he was in to try to get at Jacoby. Well, we both tried to steer clear of the asylum reject and went about our shopping, although we could still hear him yelling at Jacoby. Why do people bring their dogs out in public if they behave like that?! To offset this experience, there was another woman in the store who has 4 dogs of her own, 2 of which are greyhounds, and she made fast friends with Jacoby, petting him and telling him how beautiful he is. She asked a few questions, among them "Does he shake a lot?" I've never seen him shake, actually, but he whines/cries a lot.

As Bill Cosby used to say, "I told you that story to tell you this one..."

Anyway, we bought some Greenies, some more poop bags (so exciting!), and a woven grass hay ball for SweetPea. Our adventure continued to the car wash (my white Highlander Hybrid oddly resembled a gray model), and I thought it would be kind of fun to go through the car wash with Jacoby. New experience and all. We paid the guy, we got on the tracks, we got squirted with warm water (well, the car did, we were toasty dry, course), and Jacoby was so afraid he could barely stand up. So he tried to lay down, but that made it worse, apparently, so he stood up again and was shaking like a leaf in autumn wind. He couldn't even cry he was so scared. I kept saying things like "Oh, this is fun!" and "What a good boy!" and he was thinking things like "When will this end?!" and "Are we going to die?!" Needless to say, we won't be going through another car wash any time soon with our boy. Heart attacks are not welcome surprises. Poor dude...

We then headed to Petco and I bought him 2 bags of biscuits designed to freshen his breath a bit. Not that it's stinky, but even non-stinky dog breath is a far cry from April freshness. Enter the aforementioned Old Mother Hubbard "Give Me a Kiss" biscuits. We also got the boy a new tag collar and a travel foldable bowl for water for when we join Greyhound Adventures on a Sunday morning hike and when we go geocaching. Yes, we found another spastic dog in Petco, this one was a pit bull who probably meant well, but was way to heavy and way to excited for my tall, fragile boy to contemplate befriending.

So I went to McDonald's on the way home, because it was about 4:00 by that point and I hadn't had anything to eat all day. I allow myself some Mickey D's when I go to Stateline. I figured it'd be kinda mean to fill up the car with McDouble smell and not let the boy have any treats, so I broke open the bag of biscuits and gave him 2. He loved them. And so he lay down and we went home.

When I got home, I didn't put the spoils of the shopping trip away because I was in a hurry to get ready for the Bullfinch's Cooking School that Paul and I were headed to. So the biscuit bag was left in another plastic bag and I didn't think anything of it. Jacoby just stays on the couch by the driveway and waits for us to come home. He's not a trouble maker. HA!

We come home 3 hours later to a very happy dog. He's bouncing as usual, jumping on his hind legs, touching noses to me (without me bending over, which means he's 5'6" on his back legs), so excited to see me. Like I said, this is my normal welcome. It's almost worth going away to come home to his welcome! THEN he remembered that the foyer by the door was the scene of the crime and he went pretty quickly upstairs. Odd. He usually waits for me to pet him and make a big deal of how excited he is. But he cooled down so quickly I wondered what was up. Then I looked at the floor.

The crumbs of easily 5-7 OMH "Give Me a Kiss" biscuits were laying on the floor. And Jacoby was on his way up to the 3rd floor (from the first) trying to escape his punishment. I figured I'd let him slide, since I didn't exactly catch him in the act of stealing the cookies. I had to coax him down again with a lot of "you're not in trouble, buddy"s. Finally he came down and I asked him why he didn't do a better job of cleaning up the evidence. Beside the fact that the bag was on the floor, if he'd have cleaned up the crumbs, I wouldn't have known anything happened.

So my big angel has a little naughty in him. And I kinda like that. Scamps are fun to be around. And I think he's finally getting comfortable enough to let his slightly naughty nature out. If biscuit theft is as bad as it gets, we're in for a fun ride!

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  • At 1/07/2010 9:09 AM, Blogger digiphile said…

    In his first year with me, Shadow stole a filet mignon, a flank steak and the Christmas ham off of the kitchen table. In the years to follow, he also narfed a pound of grass-fed sirloin from the picnic table and the better part of a pumpkin pie, to say nothing of countless naps on places he shouldn't have been.

    Plenty of naughty in these dogs. He learned to be good around food (mostly) but still will take opportunities when no one is around.

    Have fun!

  • At 1/13/2010 10:20 PM, Blogger Dana Gillin said…

    Hey, Alex! Thank goodness Jacoby's stealing his own food, I tell ya. Other than 2 instances of swiping his own "cookies," he's an angel. Although, having said that, I just know he'll do something else naughty tomorrow!

    Hey, as long as the kitty and the bunny are in one piece, I'm good with mischief. I'm good with scamps. I understand scamps. I AM a scamp! LOL

  • At 1/15/2010 11:13 PM, Blogger The Bunns said…

    'Em bunnies BETTER stay in one piece. We'll be over on 'Ol Jacoby like bees on a hog's nose ...


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