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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a rabbit

Let me point you to Fuzzy-rabbit.com. The explanation about how they changed their condo (made of NIC cubes, btw) is just great. There's a forum for your bunny questions, if you can't find the answers on BunnyBlab. It's just a really cool site. Please go surf!

Friday, August 18, 2006

What did you call me?!

In the spirit of "there's a kid inside each of us," here's a fun site for the kiddies: Captain Underpants' Professor Poopypants Name Change-o-Chart 2000. If you wanna know my silly name, I'm now being called Gidget Bananabrains. Well, for the next 10 seconds.




Okay, time's up. I'm Dana again. ;-) Have fun with the site and be sure to comment to tell me what your name (or your kids' names) are!

Monday, August 14, 2006

No WD comments?

I'll get the Blab back on track in a few days, but first, I just want to express my surprise that no one shared their "the first time I read Watership Down" stories when I posted the book. C'mon, bunny lovers! How many gallons of tears did you cry during that one?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where did I go?

Hola, faithful readers! As I mentioned, I think, in a previous post, that I was going to move... Getting a three-story, 100-year-old house ready to move in takes a LOT of time. Never having painted a house before (the inside, folks, stick with me), I have to say the LOT of time it took was more time than I thought it would take. But I got done the night before moving day, which was this past Saturday. Needless to say, I didn't get a wink of sleep on Friday night, because of the packing frenzy. But we did it and I caught cat naps (meow!) on Saturday as those wonderful kids hauled our furniture and other heavy stuff. TG the new couches were delivered on Friday! ("I'll be over here napping if you need me.") Although, of course, I was the one directing the destinations of each piece of furniture, so these naps probably lasted about 5-10 minutes.

But we lived through it, although we only found the salt and pepper shaker last night. Paul had a meeting this morning that he couldn't find shoes for -- it's that kind of move. :-) Some remnants are still at my place, but they'll be coming over probably tonight. The fancy Internet connection still has some quirks (doesn't so much work in the master suite quite yet), but we'll get that ironed out.

All in all, it was an exhausting time. "But what about the bunnies?!" I hear you asking -- no worries. They're in a couple of travel cages with periods of run time (they'll get free run of the 3rd floor, but probably not until we've set everything up and bunnyproofed the wires and stuff). Hops is looking for lots of love; he's a bit unsure of whether we're staying here or just visiting. Kayla and Ariel couldn't care less where they are -- as long as they get to cuddle with each other and get their raisins and salads and breakfast. SweetPea is having a BALL exploring the boxes and figuring out new running routes between the misplaced furniture. I came out of the bedroom today to the middle room (I said it's a master suite, right?) and found Pea in my underwear drawer, which, of course, is not in a dresser, but rather on the floor -- the dresser's still at my apt. Piecemeal moving -- gotta love it. But they're having a great time. Pea and Hops are bunked up together and the twins are in another travel cage.

So we're basically moved and the bunnies are happy. Oh, and the painting got done on time -- miracles DO happen!