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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stupid people, controlling the population one moron at a time

There are a few sites that I tend to keep my eye on and are good for a bit of humorous reading. They are for adults only, as some of the stories are, well, gross and inappropriate.

The Darwin Awards
From the site: "The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways. Of necessity, this honor is generally bestowed posthumously." There's a newsletter ("Of course there is, don't be ridiclous!") if you really get into it.

The Ig Noble Awards
Thank you, Peggy, for pointing me to this one. Again, books, newsletters, you name it. I particularly like the 2004 award for medicine (sorry, Sharon and Eddie!). Particularly interesting links from this site include ANRL.org and BBL survey results.

The Onion
Books, newsletters, even actual gift ideas (not the least of which is the daily calendar, ahem). The Onion is the news that really isn't, but it's "America's finest news source" (God help America if that's true).

Got more sites to watch? Comment and let me know.

Best of friends, even in crazy heat -- (left to right) Kayla, Ariel and Hops Posted by Hello

Odd dux

Why, when it's 97 degrees out, do three of my kids cuddle together and share body heat? Because they're my kids, which means they're strange. This was the day I didn't put the AC on, just fans. And I thought they were smart. Go fig.

Bubble Belly Bunny Baby all tuckered out Posted by Hello

Like father, like son -- Scott and Aiden Posted by Hello

Grandma feels flushed by her fave part of any meal -- dessert Posted by Hello

You feelin' lucky?! Posted by Hello

Bubble Belly Bunny Baby

When it's quiet and I hear a bunny honking loudly, I know Kayla is giving herself a bath.

When it's quiet and I hear a bunny honking softly, I know Kayla is dreaming contently.

When it's quiet and I hear someone's belly bubbles, I know it's Pea's tummy.

She's my Bubble Belly Bunny Baby. I wonder if it hurts... I give her a queen's share of belly massages, thinking I'm breaking up the bigger gas bubbles into teeny ones, but I think she just likes the massages more than they're actually helping her. And her tummy is never hard, indicating it's not a gas bubble so much as a rumbly tummy.

Pea didn't eat any of her pellets for three days a few weeks ago, which had me a tad concerned. She has somewhat ramped up her appetite since then, but it was like she was on a baby's diet (aka the "eat as much as you want, you won't get fat; you're a baby!" diet) and she hit 13 months and put the brakes on for fear she'd get fat (well, you tell ME then!).

I thought I was going to have to pinprick a Gas-X and squirt some (awful to bunnies) mint-flavored liquid into her mouth. But she sprang back to a point that her salads were disappearing again at night.

SweetPea and I had some good bonding time on our trip to PA the weekend of June 10-12. We threw Grandma a kick-ass 90th birthday party, if I do say so myself. I'll post pix. During the party, I took Pea out and played with her on the grass (it was her first time playing on grass). She was great... stuck right by me for a while, was climbing on me like I'm a jungle gym (of course, to her and Hops I am). So I put a harness and long leash on her (which I let Corinne hold, bc she LOVES taking care of the bunnies and helping me give them raisins). And I had Pea (1) and Rinne (5) and Aiden (3) on the lawn playing with the bunny. It was good times. Unfortunately, no one took pix (that I know of). =:-E (it's a bunny frowny face if ya tilt yr head).

A future entry will be about the only other time I had her outside -- about a year ago. She was a menace!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Comment already!

Hey, blog readers!

I've crossed the first milestone in my blog traffic. I'm now at 122 hits. Whoo-hoo!

The only problem is I don't know who the heck you are. :-( And that makes me a sad bunny...

So comment and tell me how mad you are that I haven't added anything in nearly three weeks (because I'm a big slacker and deserve to have my bloggy rights taken away from me -- no! please! anything but that!). Or tell me you want more bunny pix. Or, hell, just say, "Hi, Dana, this is your long-lost friend, Schmoopsie Poopsie. We had homeroom together in high school. I had flourescent pink, waist-length hair at the time." Well, only say that if you are, indeed Schmoopsie Poopsie. Man, that girl was odd....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Links o' fun

You're bored? Need to veg for a while? Looking for something fun on the Web but don't know where to find it? I do...

Here are some links (with many more to come, I'm sure) of fun ways to waste your time or get a laugh or buy a goofy present for a goofy friend. All are kid-safe/-appropriate except the ones I describe as "for adults only." Enjoy!

Numa Numa
The guy who made this (the jolly kid in the webcam) basically became a recluse bc of all the media attention he got. Catch the dance that made him famous. If the song's not running through your head for weeks, you haven't repeated the stream enough times. Click the big yellow "WATCH THIS MOVIE." Thanks to Paul for sending me this link; many hours have been wasted and ridiculous dances performed while listening to Numa Numa. Oh, and I've watched it a few times, too. ;-) "Maya hee. Maya ha. Maya ho ho...."

Northern Sun
I will not make this blog political, I swear. I do not preach my political beliefs in life and I won't do it in my blog. That being said, I'm a Democrat. If you are, too, or if you're a Republican who likes to laugh at yourself (my dad doesn't believe you exist if you're the latter), check out Northern Sun. Thanks to Jannine who sent me this link.

The Smurf Name Generator
Ever wonder what your Smurf name would be? Well, of course you have, don't be ridiculous! I'm Futzy Smurf. Go fig.

Guess the Dictator or Sitcom Character
It works in scary ways. First pick a dictator or a sitcom character. In your head. Preferrably one you know things about. Don't tell anyone (like that matters). Then go to the site/game/waste of time and answer each question honestly. It's a bit freaky, but the computer has been right each of the near-15 times I've played.

Bunny links
Don't go through bunny withdrawal, I have a few of those links, too. I'll tease you with a few of them today.

Mr. Chloe, the Pet Bunny Rabbit
A truly cute site for kids. I understand the "Mr. Chloe" phenomenon, as Amber was a boy. Takes practice to tell the difference when they're babies. :-)

Rabbit Shop
Not that I'm hinting (bc I'm really not), but here's a good site for gifts for people who love bunnies or bunnies themselves.

Seriously. You could waste hours watching the bunnies at this oh-so-cool shelter in Van Nuys, Calif. Or if it's bedtime and you're not tired, watch them sleep. Hey, it puts me to sleep watching my kids!

That's all for today. More later...