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Monday, May 30, 2005

None at all

I didn't take any bunnies bc I was running late leaving on Friday as it was... Got to PA after a 6-hour car ride just in time to catch some dinner with my parents (and consume some wicked tasty margaritas!). So, no bunnies this weekend... I really, really missed them. And Pea and Hops are acting like they really missed me, too. All cuddly and playful with me. Awww...

Oh, no bunnies, but no camera, either. I'm a dumbass and forgot it. So the pix are in my head and since I'm probably the worst artist (freehand drawer) on the planet, they're not going to do you a damn bita good.

But, lest I leave you hopeless and forlorn, I'm going back in two weeks (actually, like, 10 days) for my Grandma's 90th birthday party.Which'll be fun. But another trip. It's always daunting getting ready for the trip, but worth it when I get there.

The party was a lot of fun this weekend. Aiden, in true Aiden fashion, decided about 4 minutes into his party that he needed to be George of the Jungle, which to a 3-year-old means that he takes off all his clothes and hangs out in his diaper all day. The temperature plummeted from 81 degrees to 56 degrees (sunny to thunderstorming and then raining) in a matter of minutes. The kid didn't care. He was hanging out right by the screen door to the deck in a diaper and nothing else. Unless you count the gladiator helmet, sword, armor and shield he got or the Batman mask, webbed gloves and flippers he got. He couldn't decide what the hell he wanted to be... Ah, to be 3 and have multiple identies and not to be looked down upon for it. :-)

So, that's my weekend story. No bunnies, no pix, no brain, apparently. But a very cute nearly naked 3-year-old and his sweeter-than-honey big sister to hang out with all day on Saturday. Life is good.


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