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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oreo cookie picture

It's not digital. I guess I took it before I had a digital camera of my very own. So I'll have to scan it and then post it.

Gotta love technology!

Going back to Pennsylvania this weekend (tomorrow, actually) to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday party. I'm sure I'll slap some adorable pix up next week. He's a treasure and a half. Thinking of taking a bunny or two (Hops and/or Pea). Hate to waste the travel cages that take up all that room in my living room! "If you build them they will travel in them..." I may just keep Hops home to romp with the girls; he'd be happier doing that. But Pea would be virtually alone all weekend -- watching the fun without being able to participate -- since she's caged when I'm not there. Maybe Pea and her mommy need some bonding time. Then there'd be the opportunity for wicked cute pictures... Corinne always loves when I bring a bunny or two.

But it's hassle. But it'd be worth it. But... See? The decisions I have to make. So important, so earth-shattering. To bring Pea or not to bring Pea? That is the question. Whether tis nobler... Ya know. Shakesbunny and all.


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