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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bubble Belly Bunny Baby

When it's quiet and I hear a bunny honking loudly, I know Kayla is giving herself a bath.

When it's quiet and I hear a bunny honking softly, I know Kayla is dreaming contently.

When it's quiet and I hear someone's belly bubbles, I know it's Pea's tummy.

She's my Bubble Belly Bunny Baby. I wonder if it hurts... I give her a queen's share of belly massages, thinking I'm breaking up the bigger gas bubbles into teeny ones, but I think she just likes the massages more than they're actually helping her. And her tummy is never hard, indicating it's not a gas bubble so much as a rumbly tummy.

Pea didn't eat any of her pellets for three days a few weeks ago, which had me a tad concerned. She has somewhat ramped up her appetite since then, but it was like she was on a baby's diet (aka the "eat as much as you want, you won't get fat; you're a baby!" diet) and she hit 13 months and put the brakes on for fear she'd get fat (well, you tell ME then!).

I thought I was going to have to pinprick a Gas-X and squirt some (awful to bunnies) mint-flavored liquid into her mouth. But she sprang back to a point that her salads were disappearing again at night.

SweetPea and I had some good bonding time on our trip to PA the weekend of June 10-12. We threw Grandma a kick-ass 90th birthday party, if I do say so myself. I'll post pix. During the party, I took Pea out and played with her on the grass (it was her first time playing on grass). She was great... stuck right by me for a while, was climbing on me like I'm a jungle gym (of course, to her and Hops I am). So I put a harness and long leash on her (which I let Corinne hold, bc she LOVES taking care of the bunnies and helping me give them raisins). And I had Pea (1) and Rinne (5) and Aiden (3) on the lawn playing with the bunny. It was good times. Unfortunately, no one took pix (that I know of). =:-E (it's a bunny frowny face if ya tilt yr head).

A future entry will be about the only other time I had her outside -- about a year ago. She was a menace!


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