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Saturday, July 29, 2006

GeekBrief, the new Rocketboom

Amanda Congdon who?!

Who will fill Amanda's cute little shoes? Maybe Cali Lewis will. Cali seems to be a brunette version of the blond Amanda. They both chose videocasts, not audio podcasts. They both are cute 20-something girls talking about techie stuff to geeks. They both wear (wore, in Amanda's case) the tight t-shirts that true guy geeks go gaga over (and some chicks, too, I'm not excluding them!). And they both don't seem to have any idea at all about the technology of podcasting, just that they can do it. Most geeks don't care; they just like the scenery.

Anyway, there's a new Amanda in town. Or not so new, to her audience -- she apparently gets over 6 million hits a month. Geek Brief is apparently only 6 or 7 months old. Good luck, Cali!


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