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Thursday, July 20, 2006

And you thought Flemmies were big...

You have to see the pic of Herman, the German Giant. Makes that perspective shot in my ep8 show notes look like a kit (baby bunny). He may be the world's biggest bunny, to which I say, "What kinda screwy camera angle is that, anyway?" And why, exactly, is the dude so happy and the bunny look so mad? Is he just one of those "mad, mad, mad, mad" bunnies? I bet he binkies when no one's looking. It's just like a mad bunny to do that. And also, a bale of hay a WEEK? That is one munchy bunny.

The BBC is a giver -- here's another gem from the annals. The fat cat who got bunny bullied and was forced to get skinny to escape the torment.


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