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Thursday, July 27, 2006

BunnyBlab, episode 9: How to littertrain your bunny


Paul sounds a little like he's sitting in a tin can, but other than that, this one's a keeper. :-) We've started to segment the Blabs, so the show notes from now on will be broken into sections.

P&D blab
Ear mites were pretty gross. And sad for Pea...If you want to learn more about them, read Fur and Ear mites. Treatment is to clean out the ears with warm water on Q-tips, then a trip to the vet's to get either a series of shots of ivermectin or a squirt of insecticide in each ear of each bunny in your warren. If you wanna see a pic, check out this one (they're not that big, don't worry!).

Paul's fire coral story is true. He was a mess for a day. BTW, "the current was very strong" -- we asked the dive instructors how "very strong" it was that morning and he said on a scale of 1-5, that morning's was a 2 (soft current). Maybe Paul needs to go scuba diving some more! Here's Google's fire coral pix page.

Littertraining bunnies
Two methods -- slip a box in whatever corner they choose to use or tell/show/teach them that litter and a box (wherever it is) means "that's where to go." First is easier; second requires more time and dedication and a closer watch on our part, as you're actually putting them in the box every time you see them start to back into a corner.

I've done both methods. If you have questions about littertraining your bunny, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

BJ's Flemmie, Phil, seems to be a lover not a fighter. She's trying to bond Loki, Baldr and Phil as a group, but maybe she'll wait to stick them together until Loki gets neutered. She said they all can't wait for that day! I can just picture randy little Loki chasing anything that moves. Very cute, but it gets old quickly.

Richard from Wisconsin wrote in to welcome Paul and me to home ownership. Thanks, Richard! It's still up for debate how much of the house our bunnies will rule and how often. :-) We'll figure it out, don't worry! Richard also told us that Hershey has head tilt, but it's getting better thanks so some human loving and some loving by Chloe, Hershey's bonded bun. If you'd like to read about head tilt, take a look at Head Tilt: Causes and Treatment or Dana Krempels' (one of the most prolific writers about bunny medical issues out there; she REALLY knows her stuff) Treating Head Tilt (Torticollis). Keep us updated, Richard, please!

Got feedback? Questions? A topic suggestion? Email me!

Next episode: How did you fall in love with bunnies? Send in your story today!

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  • At 8/08/2006 9:33 AM, Blogger Larry and Rita said…

    Jared and Rebecca have just started slipping a tray down for us... personally we can't see what's wrong with doing our business on the sofa, the carpet, or Rita's favourite: Jared's lap.

  • At 8/14/2006 3:40 PM, Blogger Bunnylvr said…

    Larry and Rita...

    Now, now, if you don't wanna be chucked out the window and freeze all winter, you must live by the indoor bunny rules. No peeing on the hoomins. That's what litter's for! Of course, you do occasionally have to show us who's boss by wetting the carpet right NEXT TO the litterbox. We know you know what the box is for, but this keeps us on our toes (and the Heinz ppl's white vinegar line profitable). ;-)


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