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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The New Influencers

Speaking of my amazing Paul, he just finished writing his book today. I'm so proud of him I could just burst open at the seams, if I had any. Check out the earliest draft. He has about two weeks to fiddle with it. Of course, in true writer fashion, he kinda hates it now. "I should have done it totally differently," he told me two nights ago. I have to keep reminding him that that's what all authors say when they near the end. There's usually some sort of "good enough" that a writer and publisher agree on for the sake of "printing the damn thing already." And Paul's lucky enough to have planned so well that he still has a few weeks to move, shake, and fiddle it to get to that point.

So stay tuned for the printed and final version, coming to bookstores near you (hopefully!) this coming spring. It's going to be Quill Driver's featured title of spring, so that's pretty exciting. I believe it'll change the conversation about social media, at least among marketers. I believe it'll change the world, too, but that's probably because I'm biased, or so Paul keeps telling me.


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