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Friday, June 30, 2006

BunnyBlab, episode 8: What do bunnies play with?


As mentioned in episode 2, you don't have to spend a lot of money to keep your bunny entertained. Episode 8 of BunnyBlab will detail the different ways bunnies play and what toys you can give them to help you. (Hint: One of those toys is you.)

I mentioned Christmas Tree Shops is a good place for cheap toys (including tissue paper). If you are fortunate to live near a location of the chain (it's a New England-area chain), check it out for some bunny toys.

Don't keep first editions on your bottom shelves!

Pea in her basket -- shhhh! She's sleeping!

Wood toys in Pea's cage

"Binkies" and "pod bunnies"?! What other funny words to bunny people have for the objects of our adoration? Find out on The PetBunny Dictionary.

Check out some pix of Flemish Giants -- they're the biggies!

A perspective shot of a Flemish Giant

What I recommended BJ has on hand for Day One of her baby Flemmie's first day:

  • Gas-X tablets
  • Lots of hole-free towels for nesting
  • Lots of fresh alfalfa hay
  • An area to play in, free of hazards, but full of safe things to check out

More to come from BJ and her new Flemmie baby in the next episode of BunnyBlab!

Got feedback? Questions? A topic suggestion? Email me!

Next episode: How to littertrain your bunny.

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