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Thursday, June 01, 2006

High school behavior

Some people just need to get a life. And by "a life" I mean their own life, not someone else's. And by "some people" I mean one in particular.

I've tried to rise above the petty behavior of one particular visitor to this blog, but I fear I've got to sink to her level (the obvious one) and get explicit about something. It's a side of me I don't like and don't bring out, and for all of you friends and family out there, please stop reading now. Wait for the next entry -- it'll be the real Dana again.

I hardly ever rant and rave on my blog, as plenty of other people in the blogosphere do that and that corner and this blog don't need the clutter. But a certain visitor to this blog has been trying to learn about me by reading it with surprising frequency (something I actually couldn't possibly mind) and then proceeds to take all the content on this blog and deliberately mangle it to make fun of me and act like a high school girl (catty, gossipy, vindictive -- you know the type), when in fact she's a middle-aged woman. I know she's been talking because we are now 2 or 3 degrees of separation away from each other and tend to socialize and be involved with the same people. I've tried to be subtle (I've put maybe 20 messages to her indirectly in this blog, but she fails to see I'm talking to her). However, in true form, this woman does not get subtelty; apparently I have to name her or at least make it so obvious to her that she's not really welcome here anymore so that she knows it's about her and couldn't possibly be about anyone else.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I can see where all of the visitors to my sites come from, location-wise. I also know which pages you hit, how long you stay, what pages you come from, where you go after you visit my sites, etc. I can narrow your location down to a frighteningly specific degree. I am a geek and I use what I know about my traffic to better my site. Unfortunately, I also can see that this certain visitor hits my sites with unnatural frequency.

I'm actually pretty proud of the fact that this blog gets hit by people from Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, Canada, Guatemala and Spain (and that's only within the last week) and I'm generally an all-inclusive, the-more-the-merrier type of person. Except for people who use the blog to collect information about me and then mock me. Like I said, it's one person in particular. Let me say it straight, because apparently you have to be hit over the head with it, as my previous attempts at communicating this haven't struck:

The one particular middle-aged woman I'm referring to is not welcome here at this blog.

I can take high-tech ways to prevent you from coming, because I'm smart and very geeky like that, but really -- why do you research me so extensively? It's a bit pathetic, actually. Move on. Get your own life and stop living the one that isn't yours anymore. How many hours have you wasted on reading my blog and listening to my podcasts? You're not interested in bunnies, god knows. And this is -- in case you missed this point, too -- a blog about bunnies. You're getting a very narrow corner of my life, one of my many passions, and you're judging me on that tiny corner. Use your online time in other ways, please.

Now, I've wasted enough time on this topic. I have my own life to lead; when are you going to realize you do, too? Please go away, you certain woman. If you need me to name you, I will, of course; I'm trying to not embarrass you in any future Google searches, which could very well hurt your PR business.


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