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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Slowskys

Okay, she's seen it. I can post something else...

Comcast has been running a very clever campaign (entertaining, at least) about a turtle couple who can't stand Comcast High-Speed because it's too fast for them. Meet The Slowskys. Once you enter the site, you'll notice that Karolyn (aka Mrs. Slowsky) has been writing a blog entry nearly every day since Jan. 25. It's all about doing things slowly -- reading, writing, eating, watching grass grow. It's hysterical, but after a few entries you kinda get the point. There's a loyal bunch of ppl, though, who comment. Beware, these comments don't always make a lot of sense, but some are gems.

The April 1 post was called "We Converted to Comcast." But the first line of the entry was "April Fool's!" An interesting tactic -- to have your spokespeople hate your product.

Anyway, it's a clever online component to a TV campaign. Social media by turtles. Comcast has given up, for the time being, relating to potential customers as people... now they're simply going for humor. Cable companies being funny?! What's next?!


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