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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

So I saw Al Gore's movie yesterday. I have to say -- Wow. Compelling, powerful, interesting. I'd pay good money (which, if you know me, is saying something right there) to see him in person, but now I don't have to... My $9 for the movie went to, well, I didn't know where. After the movie, I went shopping. Straight to Border's (had to get your Elements of Style, Eric!), so I picked up Gore's book by the same name as the movie. During the movie I kept thinking "I gotta see this again. These details aren't sticking like I want them to." Now I don't have to worry about it. The book has it covered. Towards the beginning of said book, in Al's intro, he says that all the profit from the movie and from the book are going to a bipartisan, nonprofit with the purpose of educating the public on the climate crisis. It was a bit odd that he didn't name that organization, though... How could he shy away from people checking up on the money trail?

I'm encouraging everyone I know to go see this movie. The pictures of fading, fading gone glaciers were shocking enough, but the graphs of normal fluctuations vs what we've been doing to the atmosphere the last 30 years was enough to even make the skeptics stop and say "Hmmmmmm...."

Now I read enough environmental magazines -- most having to do with wildlife, but not all -- to know that the global warming is not a theory concocted by some wacky hermit scientists, but by, well, all the scientists who study climate and global changes. Why do we think it's a theory? Because many politicians want us to. The crap that's clouding up our atmosphere is, as is no surprise to anyone with a pulse, big business and big money. This big money has funded many of the winning campaigns since the '70s. Non-environmentally friendly politicians have no immediate need to see the facts and care about what they mean, not collectively they don't. Sure, maybe one or two realizes that the future of the planet (as far as being habitable by humans) isn't so certain, but that'll never affect THEM... Gore says it will, actually. Even in the timeframe of one human lifespan -- mine and yours. It's scary stuff. We need to pay attention and adjust our behavior. Now.

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