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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Little bun in a big bowl

Remind you of a famous line in a movie? Just a little bit? Which movie? Want a hint? K. It's an inverse statement of the one it's supposed to remind you of (the adjectives are flipped). Want another hint? K.

Anyway, one of my greatest pleasures in my day is watching Kayla stand shoulder-deep in her food dish to eat. Why did I give the biggest food dish (even though they only get about a 1/3 cup of food in it) to the twins, the two smallest bunnies I have? Because I wanted to see Kayla and Ariel figure out how to eat from it. Turns out Ariel can eat normally, but watching my teeny Mouseyface eat from it's hysterical.

So here's the shot...

I just took that like 10 minutes ago. Funny story (I promised, didn't I?). It's just scary how much they seem to understand sometimes... So I put food in the dish to bait Kayla into eating. They never get kibble at night, only salad, so I know she'd go for it and, well, I needed the picture since I'm writing about how funny it is. So I put the food in the dish and before I can get the camera ready, she took a bite (read: climbed in), but once I pointed the camera at her through the bars of the cage so as not to get bars in the pic, she stopped eating.

Whatcha doin'?

Then she came closer to the camera, which she's very used to by this point in her life, and -- well, you tell me a better story -- posed for it. Too bad she was just two inches off the mark, I had it set for the food dish, hoping to get her to bite again (literally and figuratively).

This thing on?

So I swing around and see if I can get a shot through the open door on an angle. She outsmarted me again -- she stood by the front door. (Trying to get as much camera time as possible???)


So I go back to the side of the cage to get the long shot. Again, she positions herself all-too-freakily right in the way.

What am I? Here for your amusement?!

Finally I give up. I say (exactly), "Kayla, I'm trying to get you to eat. I want to take a picture because I think it's crazy funny." What does she do? Walks right over to her bowl, climbs in and takes a bite of food. Not only that, but Ariel (the food HOG!) moves out of the way without a fight for Kayla to get to the dish.

After I asked her to eat

I mean, it was simply freaky. But why am I still astounded when they do this? I've spent 8 years living with bunnies -- I should know better. I should know by now how unbelievably smart they are, not only in their own lagamorph world, but in ours, too. So she stands on the edge of the bowl, usually, to chew.


Then she takes another bite, which is the money shot tonight.

Shoulder-deep in food dish (again)

It just so happens that another great pleasure of my day (as if you couldn't guess) also has to do with the buns. It's the nightly carrot hunt. For the same reason I give the two smallest bunnies the biggest food dish -- for my own perverse entertainment. Not many things funnier than having a bunny bury her whole head (Hops does it, too, don't get me wrong) in her salad to get the carrots -- the best treat of all.

I have one more great pleasure in my day, but that's not for mention on a bunny blog... It's a family show, kids.

P.S. Why I call Kayla "Mouseyface" (a pic from May 2001; Kayla eating oat hay):


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