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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Twins together

In the process of leaving my apartment this morning, I dutifully (read: dotingly) fed each of my four kids two good-bye raisins. Two things occurred to me.

  1. I go through a lot of raisins. At two a pop 2-4 times a day (only for treats, mind you), I'm always glad I have a BJ's Wholesale Club or two around.
  2. I haven't seen Ariel and Kayla cuddle so closely and fondly without Hops in a long time. They were positively heavenly.

The twins were on the top floor (3rd floor) of their condo -- alone and content and Kayla was singing happily -- and Hops was under the bed (Pea, as usual for a morning, was in her cage) when I asked the usual "Who wants raisins?" The question makes the kids climb all over me (whoever's come out from under the bed) and climb the walls of their cage (whoever's in the condo) and stick their noses through the bars of their cage (as Pea does in a "Don't forget about me!!!" plea). So the scene was quickly thrown into frenzied excitement from deep, still sleep, but the pre-treat picture could have been a feminist billboard: "We don't need no steenking man!" Of course, after the raisins, Hops went to make the Lump o' 2 Buns a Lump o' 3 buns -- he can never stay away from them for very long. He's a lovah, not a fightah, God love him!


  • At 12/21/2005 9:05 AM, Anonymous Hannah said…


    Question--I have a really sweet bunny named Jameson who is such a mush it's ridiculous. He's also got a little attitude though, but you know how boys are. Anyway, I want to get him a bunny friend (because rabbits are social animals, and I think he would like a friend!) But I need to know...

    -What does it take to socialize bunnies before you can house them together

    -How big of a cage do you need (any ideas on where to get them at a good deal?)

    -How much does it cose to nueter/spay and can you get it done at any vets?



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