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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Longest post yet comment

Hannah wrote back:

Dana, awesome, awesome post. There's info out there but I think what I read from you covered a lot really well. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets linked to :) It was really helpful to see your cage design--one quick question, can you take it apart if you have to move?...

Anyway, again really great advice--maybe your next article should be on potty training bunnies--I've been trying and trying with Jameson but he'd much rather lie in his litter boxes and chill out than use them as litter boxes.

Y'r v welcome, Hannah. To answer your question, yes, the cage does not fit through doorways, as you can imagine, being 42"x42". So it separates vertically by each level. It is connected at these points (the four corners of the cage) with the little connectors that come with the NICs. It's steady and reliable and easy to take apart.

A quick note on litter training bunnies -- it's a lot easier if you put a box where they want to go instead of teaching them to go in the box where you decide to put it. I've done it both ways. If Jameson would rather lay in the box than pee in it, I'd say let him lay in it. If he pees in another box you have out, you may want to consider putting hay instead of litter in the box he lays in and litter in the one he pees in. That would keep both places as his hangouts, but would also distinguish the two spots. When they're bored, bunnies will chew on hay if there's enough of it. Always let there be enough of it for Jameson to munch on. Even if it's in the "useful" litter box, he won't eat what he's dirtied, so don't worry.

Since Jameson's a boy, you probably have found out already that you need a high-backed litter box for him. Boys tend to spray higher behind them than girls (who sorta tuck it under them).

More questions? Anyone? Bueller?


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