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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Birthday, girls!!!

Ariel and Kayla, my rescued twins, turn 5 years old today. I sang them Happy Birthday twice and the McCurley Birthday song once this morning before I left for work. They love when I sing. They get all excited like they're getting more raisins. Hops gets cuddly and kissy. I left the twins cuddling on the top floor of their condo, Ariel was kissing Kayla's tiny black ears. Oh, the love! The LOVE! How can I not feel peaceful when I realize how safe and easy their life is now? My pod bunnies will be celebrating their birthday tonight with teaspoons of mango peach applesauce shared among the warren.

Speaking of pod bunnies, can us bunny lovers come up with a consensus on what pod means? Perfect On Delivery is one idea. Got more? Comment and tell me.


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