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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Welcome one and all

I just want to give a quick shout out to all the people (from all over the globe, incidentally) that have hit Bunny Lovers Unite! over the past eight-ish months of its existence. As of this writing, I have 1068 hits to my blog. Thanks to my wonderfully detailed tracking tool, I can see where everyone is (geographically speaking) as they sit at their computers and read my animal musings. Some people are from Sweden, some from Germany (Stephan -- yo!), a few from Canada. Lots of people in America -- from as far away as Wyoming and Montana and one as close as Hopkinton (a town about 15 minutes south of me).

A note to the people who do not know me at all who read this blog: Be not quick to judge the Dana you see on these pages -- they are the real me, but not the whole me. And yes, I can have a perfectly lovely evening with people I have just met and not mention my bunnies at all. In fact, frequently it's my friends around me who bring it up. ("Did you know Dana has bunnies?" merely because it's an interesting topic to most people.) A bunny lover I am, but not only a bunny lover. I write here about my bunnies and other animal stories because it is a bunny lover's blog. I try to relate any "miscellaneous" content back to bunnies because (once again) it is a bunny lover's blog. If you want a Dana's life blog, it doesn't exist (yet). Maybe one day, maybe not. I live 6 hours away from the rest of my family, so maybe one day I'll share all my exploits on a Dana's life blog. We'll see... I have ideas.

Some things I don't talk about in this blog unless, well, screw it, unless I feel like it (it is a blog, after all): my 13 years of competitive swimming, my 8 years of dancing (including my dance company), my job at TechTarget (although I did just get a promotion that's pretty exciting to me and do run one of the company's most successful Web sites), my previous jobs at 101communications and AccuWeather, my 4 years at Penn State (and my 5 years in State College), past relationships (unless vaguely referenced to -- just trying to respect people's privacy here), the list goes on. Basically, this is a bunny lover's blog. If you want to know about that aspect of me, well, I've posted it on the web -- not sure how much more obvious I could get. You know what they say -- once it's on the Web, it's there forever. If you want to know about the rest of me and my life, drop me an email.


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