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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My girl don't need no voice lessons

Since Kayla turned 5 last week (Dec. 1), she's been singing nonstop -- when she sleeps, when she's awake, when she's eating, when she's playing, even when she's being chased by her randy brother (don't worry, she gets away every time -- also, she's spayed and "above that sort of thing"). She's honking and it's lulling. Amber used to honk, but only when I cuddled with him and petted his cheek in a certain way. I have a .wav file of his honking, actually, which is pretty entertaining, although it makes me miss him even more. I gotta record Kayla's honking because this is one bunny sound for the ages.

Netherland Dwarfs are known to be more vocal than other breeds, it's true, but Kayla's gotta win some award for it. She's always been one to growl at me (she used to hate hands anywhere near her when I first got her) and what she lacks in size (barely 3 pounds), she makes up for in toughness. The girl can bat and growl and scare a bunny novice. Ariel usually lets her twin do the hard work, then moves in for the reward (food or whatever it is).

But the batting was annoying, I'm not going to lie to you. I discouraged the habit very early on (Day 1) by not reacting to her outbursts. She learned, like a grammar school bully, that there's no point in putting up a fight if no one's going to fight you back. When she growled and batted, I did my best not to flinch. And she doesn't do it anymore. Except maybe when Ariel or Hops bugs her or tries to steal her food. That she'll defend with a good "Don't forget who the tough one is here!" bat in the nose. They usually deserve it. But it all gets worked out peacefully in the end.


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