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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Long-lost German friends

I got a comment today on one of my blog posts from a friend I had when I was 15. At least, I'm guessing that's who it was. Stephan Frese was a member of an exchange student program my high school had with a school in Germany. I knew him for a few weeks 13 years ago. Now he comments on my blog, mentions a trip to D.C. we took (all the German students and all the students in my HS class who were taking German) and I just know it's him. Plus, I have very cool tracking software so I basically know where everyone is who sees my blog. Germany popped up today. And I think that's just cool. Stephan, if it was you, can you comment next time as something other than "Anonymous"? ;-) I'd like to talk to you again, catch up, see how your life is... I Googled Stephan today and (may have) found out that he's a soccer coach in Deutschland. Unless that's the wrong Stephan Frese. Anyway, the commenter did a Yahoo search on my full name, so I know his comment about knowing someone who looked a lot like me was a bit tongue in cheek.

Speaking of friends of mine from Germany whom I haven't talked to in a long time, Nina Meents. A quick Google search of her brought up a few medical research papers... I am not at all surprised. This girl was smart and sweet and pretty and fun. Nina, if I ever find your email address, your inbox will be full. Of all the friends who have come and gone in my life, you're one person I really regret losing touch with.

It's really amazing how many people's lives each of us touches. Someone like Nina, who truly enriched my life by letting me know her, leaves people who still love her all over the world.

So, Nina, Stephan: Write me already!


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