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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Now to get the elephant on the treadmill

This is a theory worth attention (or ridicule): Exercising overweight animals on human contraptions in human ways.

The story about Maggie the elephant also brought up another question. Specifically, this graph:

"They have built them for race horses and race camels but never for an elephant," said assistant zoo director Pat Lampi.

There exist such a thing as a race camel?! These I gotta see...

BTW, what is it about people naming their pets Maggie?! There are oodles of pets with the name -- keep your ear out and you'll be aware of more and more. My best friend Maggie gets it rubbed in her face all the time. My brother and sister-in-law's pot-bellied pig is named Maggie, which lends itself to much ribbing. I put black pigs on Maggie's birthday cards and such, so it's actually me doing the teasing...I tease because I love. Good thing she's a great sport with a strange sense of humor!


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