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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pea the copycat

Not only has Juniper Hops (pronounced "Joomper Hops" by my niece when she was a bit younger) taught Pea that I'm a jungle gym when I'm on the floor (neither of them can resist climbing on their momma, which makes my yoga sessions particularly challenging), but he has also taught her how to be an acrobat on the couch. When Hops is on the top of the couch begging for pets and I'm cuddling with him up there (when I'm at my computer), Pea has recently started getting jealous. So up she hops onto the couch, climbs up the pillows and sticks her nose right by Hops'. When I'm lucky, I get to pet her head and she nuzzles in for the attention. When she's basically trying to get Hops to play with her, the moment I reach my hand out to give her some lovin', she bolts and is on the floor before I can blink. Hops, usually completely nonplussed by the whole "Pea is a crazy loon of a bunny" show, stays cuddled with me, only occasionally raising his head to see what his baby sister's up to now. Pea, on the other hand, usually gets a "You're such a CrAzY bunny!" from me and proceeds to binky her way across the living room.

They make up their own games... Amber used to (and Hops does now) nudge my ankle so I would poke him in his butt and make him scutter away (quickly). This action is accompanied by a certain "game" noise I make. Then he'd sneak back to me and nudge me again. It's like self-fetch for bunnies.

OR Pea doesn't quite get why Hops is up there with me, what the big attraction is, but goes up because her big brother is up and that's the place to be. When what's up there (pets from me) is not what she's after, she hops down. Pea, however, is no stranger to cuddles from me. She does nudge me to pet her when she's out (without Hops, or else he's getting the nudges and must dole out the attention), and she does turn into nearly six pounds of bunny mush when I pick her up and take her into the bedroom at night to put her in her cage (she's my only imprisoned bun when I'm not there or asleep). The mush, after all, must get pets and songs and coos and love and many, many kisses -- or else how would a bunny get to sleep without them?! So cuddles are good, just not when she's in a mood to play.


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