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Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's sheddin' season

When isn't it shedding season? Ironically enough -- in the summer. Once Labor Day hits, it seems like all my kids are getting rid of their old coats. Which means the oh-so-affectionate Hops gets even more cuddly. (Some may call it demanding, but I prefer to think I have a choice in all of this.) So I'm at my computer tonight (clearly, since I'm blogging) and every few minutes I swivel my computer chair around and see Hops on the top of the couch (the top of the back). He only comes up there when he wants cuddles from his Momma... So around I swivel and hook my left arm around him, he lays his chin on my elbow, and my right hand scritches his head from nose to ears -- sometimes hard and fast, sometimes soft while I coo to him. It's never long before my face is showered in kisses.

And so starts The Kissie Game. I back my face up and he stops kissing me, then I come at him and try to kiss him before he kisses me. Truth be told, he wins frequently. He's really good at the game... We've been playing it for almost four years now, he better be good at it!

But he's up on the couch and requiring so much attention because he's itchy (I'm convinced). His fur is coming out of his skin, but it's sticking in the other fur so he needs someone to pet him furiously at times and deep in his fur to get all the loose fur untangled. We're talking about a dutch here, so the fur's not very long, but it's still enough of a problem for him to come hunting for me every few months and demanding more pets. This lasts for a month or two and then it's back to normal -- looking for me for a game of kisses on the floor or attacking me when I'm on the couch watching a movie or nudging me when I'm not paying enough attention to me (read: when he walks by me and I don't acknowledge him with a pet or with his name).

Juniper Hops could, I suppose, get a fur treatment from the twins, but it seems like he always prefers me to Ariel and Kayla. I have to say, I'm flattered. There is still that bond between us that he refuses to let slip away.

More on how that bond originated in my next entry.


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