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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I lie like a rug

I said "More on how that bond originated in my next entry." in my Sept. 11 entry and then I didn't deliver. And I still owe you faithful readers an account of SweetPea's first time outside. I promise, they're coming... But in the meantime, you can call me names and tell me my pants are en fuego.

But now I have to moderate a webcast -- Top 5 things you can do to limit spyware by my buddy Ed Tittel. Ed's a great guy and a newish dad (of an adorable boy named Gregory). He's TechTarget's career expert (it's an unofficial title that I have just bestowed), but he's really a brilliant guy about many other topics, as well. So I'm glad whenever I get the chance to work with him. He's truly a delight to work with -- one of the people that makes my job worth it. So, off to webcast land (when is TT going to start really podcasting?).

Does anyone know of any podcasting sites that aren't about IT? Is CNN doing podcasts? Lemme know.


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