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Monday, September 19, 2005

Why I think Pea is half blind

When I first met Pea (May 2, 2004), she was a tiny kit six weeks of age. She was irresistable with that eyeliner and a chunk of her right ear missing. Not a lot, but an obvious bite out of it. The wound had obviously been sealed (by a vet) and healed, but judging by how it looked and how fast bunnies heal, she would have probably been just two to three weeks old when it happened. Bunny dads tend to beat up on their babies when they're small, so it may have been a bit of "Daddy put me in my place," knowing Pea's "I'm Top Bun!" attitude. But I fell in love and when I fall in love, I fall hard. I played with her and brought her home with me that day.

Ever since, and especially when I feed her salad when I'm making it, I notice that she doesn't see food that's held on her right side. That is, if it's not in view of her left eye, she doesn't know it's there. She doesn't walk funny because of it or act differently. She takes a lot of the same risks that Hops does as far as climbing and jumping and such (gotta love my acrobats!), so I don't think it affects her the same way it would a bunny who had grown up with full vision and became half blind halfway through life. My friend K.O. has a bunny that became half blind and it affected her a lot, poor girl. (Shout out to Pumpy!)

Anyway, half blind or not, Pea seems well-adjusted and happy (you can count the glee in binkies when she's playing in the living room). So tough childhood's behind her and home is a good place.


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