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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A new kind of spam

Those Internet a#(%@les. Now they've taken to putting out an entirely new kind of spam. Not e-mails or pop-ups or SPIM -- now I find they're commenting on blogs (like this one, but I got rid of it) to promote their crappy, nonsensical goods and services. Jerks. Like margretfisher1845, for instance. I feel the need to tell ppl that this user is a spammer. If you get a message from "her," it may be junk about some financial service. Or Margret Fisher is a perfectly nice person and her account got hacked by people who are spammers, which would be an interesting and annoying new kind of hacker/spammer tool.

Anyway, beware if you've got a blog and allow comments on it. The "them" is getting more clever and more of a pain in my tuckuss.


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