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Friday, July 08, 2005

Vaca's a good thing

When I told my boss, Jim, a week ago that I was taking next week for vacation, he didn't respond for a while... I guess he was taking a long holiday weekend. On Tuesday morning, he said, "About your vacation, of course it's no problem. Go have fun. However I have one request."

I knew it wasn't "Get smart people to cover your work," because I told him who had agreed to help me out and they are two women who know what they're doing, besides being wicked nice people (a shout out to my homegirl Amy!). So I didn't know what he was going to ask me.

"Make sure you take another week in the next few months," Jim said. Oh, okay. I'll take loads of time off, then! LOL Gotta love this guy. The favor he asks when I tell him I'm taking time off is to take more time off.

Truth be told, I haven't taken any chunk of time off since I moved into my new apartment, and that was two weeks two years ago. It was a nice two weeks -- setting the kids up, bunny proofing every wire, yadda yadda, and at the end I felt good that I had taken some time to myself, but it was, you know, not a true vacation, per say.

This one is. I'm not checking email (oh, the spam that'll be waiting for me when I get back!), I'm not doing nothing. It's time all for me. So there.

TTY in a week.


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