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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holy slacker!

Holy Slacker! I quit my job and apparently stopped blogging instead of doing more blogging... Oh well. Maybe you're still snooping, hoping I'll post some more...

So here ya go: Bunny checks. Seriously funny, if you think dressing innocent creatures up in silly costumes is funny. Which I do.

I give Scott and Liz and Corinne and Aiden the Zelda Wisdom calendar every year (sorry I forgot for 2006, guys, but I got you covered for next year!). It's a giggle a month, I tell ya.

So I'm hunting for bunny checks today because I just realized that one of my bank accounts has the address from two homes ago. It's time to reorder, methinks. I adore online banking, but some transactions you just gotta do the old-fashioned way.

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