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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Terrifying Halloween tales

My good friend Jen Hubley is responsible for sending out the daily About.com general newsletter. I can't imagine what the circ is, but I bet it's bigger than the ones I used to send out from TT. Lots bigger.

Halloween in my house is a low-key night this year, now that the big party is over. The party, last weekend, was a housewarming/Halloween gig and it was wicked fun. I turned out not to be a bunny at all. But I did find a really good excuse to walk around in a nightie all night. Okay, I'll give. I was a madame. And Paul was a pimp. He even had the bling. He was perfectly smarmy with greased back hair and a jacket that he claims was very fashionable in Hong Kong in the 50s. Now it just looks like a pimp's coat. Sorry, man, but you were slimy.

Someone asked me why I wasn't the "worker." Reason's simple -- my parents were there! How far do ya think I can go with the 'rents looking on?!

Thanks to everyone who dressed up. And for everyone who didn't, I hope you're just starting to get psyched up for it... Those who answer their door and hand out candy dressed as someone else wins. Sorry, but they do.

And now for the point of this blog entry. Jen sent the other day a few links for scary Halloween stories. They, of course, all point to About.com, but there could be worse places to point, as you will see if you read the stories.

  1. 6 Terrifying Tales of Halloween -- let's start with some general fireside stories.
  2. Haunting Ghost Stories of Alcatraz -- having just been on Alcatraz a few weeks ago, I find this one particularly chilling...
  3. Scary Stories of Classic Rock -- even the rockers get into the kitchy holiday.


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