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Friday, October 06, 2006

Undah presh-ah

David Bowie and Queen would be so proud...

So my mom was in town this past weekend for a visit. She stayed w/ us in the new digs, which marks the first time she's stayed w/ me in MA. There was a bunking up together in my tin can apartment in State College (529 W. College Ave., I've come a long way since your teeny space and your kitchen that used to let my silverware get so cold in the winter that it stuck to my fingers if I touched it), but that was a few lives ago.

Fun was had, but that's not my point. My point is that I worked my butt off to get the place in order for her. Paul took a perfectly timed business trip for four days earlier that week and left me alone to clean, organize, etc. He didn't even recognize the place when he came home. Then the last afternoon (last Thursday), he went to play golf (the poor guy has only played like twice this year! he's been so busy) and came home after my mom came and said it changed so much again...

I asked Alice what she thought of it the next night (Friday evening), and she said that someone walking in would guess we'd been living there for 2 years. That's quite a compliment, considering where we were just a week before.

At any rate, now that the house was ready for mom's visit, there's not a LOT to do for the party, except to decorate for Halloween (more). And the party's before Halloween, so come the 31st, I'll be sitting pretty... now to decide my costume....

If you've got suggestions as to costumes for me, comment and let me know. Costumes4less.com seems to be swimming in bunnies (Anya would be terrified and confused why anyone would dress up as one of them). ForPlayCatalog puts a good idea in my head -- snow bunnies are bunnies, too. Of course, there's always pleather.

Vote or suggest others by commenting. What's your costume this year?


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