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Friday, October 06, 2006

El Magnifico Magiciano

Watch El Magnifico Magiciano. It's hilarious. Not at all about bunnies, although...

I promised a long time ago that I can bring just about any conversation around to bunnies. For the purpose of this blog, come with me on a journey of conversational paths... El Magnifico Magiciano is all about cloning. Which is making many copies of an object, usually a living thing. In his case, a blond woman. However, bunnies reproduce quickly, too. Although they don't especially love water in most cases and they do it naturally and don't make exact replicas of each other... Oh, wait. Neither does El Magnifico Magiciano. Watch the vid to see what I mean. The punchline's at the end. You'll wish for a different setting than a warm day poolside.

Got a creative idea for a video? Make it and submit it to It's Your Show TV. It's YouTube with a reward... (Thanks to NBC, who apparently realizes there's more than one medium for TV these days.)


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