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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Even I can poke fun...

I do enjoy the blond jokes...(and apparently ellipses)

Thanks, Ye Ole' Corn Field. Long live blond cheerleaders.

Incidentally, the Rose Bowl constituted merely four of 13 hours of football I thoroughly enjoyed last week. January truly is the peak of football wonderment. To all the other millions of ppl who were overjoyed (after being destroyed, overjoyed, destroyed again, overjoyed again, destroyed again...) at the outcome of the Orange Bowl -- WE ARE!!! You know you wanna shout it, c'mon! Let's hear it for my boys! This season made me miss my season tix more than any other since my departure from State College in 2000. The Penn State Football Story's Orange Bowl edition was award-worthy, truly. WTG, PSU. We're all very proud. The faithful never give up.

And the flourescent green pig -- that's just funny. And sad. A little sad, too. For a few reasons, but among them: Why do we feel the need to color animals ridiculous colors? Because that's the most benign genetic alteration we can think up? I sure hope pigs are color-blind. Imagine the alienation at the trough!

And that's my random thoughts blog entry for this evening. Time to head home. Mass Pike traffic -- here I come!


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