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Monday, October 17, 2005

Original ideas

Whoever said there are no more original ideas have clearly never seen a liger.

This animal looks amazing... and large. Large like 900 lbs. and 11 feet from nose to tail. Large like 100 lbs. of meat at one meal (holy maintenance cost, Batman!). Large like, "I've never seen a tiger that big before. No, wait, that's not a tiger." How they breed the enormous size into it would be my main question... I mean, we can splice genes and things, but whose gene gives it the gargantuousness?

"But how's their temperament?!" you ask. Well, I guess at least some of them are gentle enough to trust to sit next to a baby.

Word has it these cats are fertile and breed, too, which begs the question: "If they're ever released into the wild, how many groups of smaller animals (by "groups" I mean herds and by "smaller animals" I mean hippos ;-}) will perish because one liger gets peckish?

Does the creation of a hybrid animal mean that we make up for an animal that we've forced into extinction from errant logging of the rainforests or the development of a city and the complete annihilation of a species of frog, for example? If so, then let's hit those labs, biologists! Let's get creative... I'm thinking of South Park's Dr. Alphonse Mephesto.


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