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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Daily Candy's Piece of Work

Thanks to my buddy Amy, every now and then I get a gem in my inbox... So, thanks Amy and thanks Daily Candy. These are funnier since I've stopped the nonsense "they" call "going to work." Gotta love self-employment!

The office has a language all its own. Steal a commiserating look at Jim, then communicate using DailyCandy’s latest lexicon.

accounting terror - n. The fear that you will be punished for your inappropriate work expenses. (Suzie tried to expense a bikini wax. She’s in total accounting terror.)

apathy hour - n. What after-work drinks actually feel like.

bluetoothsome - adj. Used to describe someone so attractive that his/her hotness is not diminished by the wearing of a dorky Bluetooth earpiece.

CEOverkill - n. When your boss makes you complete a ridiculous task that takes an insane amount of time and will never be useful to anyone.

conference crawl - n. The incredible, physics-defying manner in which time slows down during a conference call.

golden paratrooper - n. Someone who is constantly failing upward and benefiting outrageously from his/her apparent failures.

missenger - n. A delivery person who inevitably arrives while you’re in the bathroom.

no CC-ums - n. The pesky e-mails that hit everyone and have nothing to do with the assignments, updates, or announcements.

promotion sickness - n. The queasy feeling one gets when someone really stupid gets promoted. (Rob’s such a kiss up. His golden paratrooping gives me promotion sickness.)

reply-arrhea - n. E-mail incontinence; the inability to stop hitting Reply to All.

super casual Friday - n. The act of coming to work on Friday wearing the same outfit as Thursday, minus cardigan and watch, which were mysteriously left somewhere. (When sending a messenger to pick them up, they arrive in a plastic bag sans note.)

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