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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Favorite veggies

Sharon J. emailed me with this info, in reaction to a query I posted for BunnyBlab, episode 5 (my podcast series):

"My bunny, Hugo (Giant Flemish) loves fresh green beans and brussel sprouts in addition to his regular greens on occasion."

My hubby, Paul, likes brussel sprouts, too. I personally can't imagine why! =:-3

Funny story about bunnies and green beans...

Back in the day (maybe 10 years ago), when both my first bunny, Amber (a boy, incidentally), and our truly wonderful family schnoodle, Schnapps (also a boy), were alive and making fun trouble, Amber and I went to visit my parents and Schnappy. Amber was on a blanket in the kitchen and he was served some green beans, which he loved. Amber did not walk on floor, only carpet and other fabric, so he was basically confined to the blanket, which was large enough for him to hop around and enjoy a salad. Schnapps, being scary smart, watched Amber for a number of minutes, then went over to Amber blanket, very gently and carefully picked up a green bean and brought it across the linoleum in the kitchen to the family room, which at the time was carpeted. Schnapps knew that Amber wouldn't get the green bean because he knew that he wouldn't walk across the kitchen floor.

Now, it must be said that Schnapps did not like green beans. He didn't take them (and it was more than one, as he did this all weekend long) because he wanted them for himself. He just collected them on the family room rug so that this little invader couldn't have them, because Amber clearly loved them. Schnapps was a rascal. Plain and simple.

I share this story, by the way, on would have been Amber's 11th birthday. He died way too young -- 11 days shy of his 3rd birthday, on April 4, 2001. I miss him every single day.

Schnapps died 4 months after Amber, at the ripe old age of 15 1/2. He is also missed every day.

Thanks, Sharon, for your info about Hugo! I'm so glad my BunnyBlab podcast series is still resonating! If you want to share your bunny's favorite veggies with me, just comment on this post!

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