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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bunny vs. Kitty

A few comments about this one...

1. My 2-pound Kayla would have knocked that cute little kitty to Timbuktu. No one holds a candle to my little boxer! It took a good year for her to stop boxing my hands and she still boxes the vacuum cleaner when it dares come near her. She's a spitfire, my teeny tiny Netherland Dwarf!!

2. The music in this vid is just awesome. Congrats on going the Rocky route, jonpeterson1!

3. You see in this video exactly why bunnies rule most of the roosts they share with kitties. Outnumbered, even, this white fightin' machine is formidable to the wary orange kitty!

4. A note to the intrepid kitty: This is not a wind-up toy! She will beat the snot out of you and she's actually not that afraid of you. (I love how it looks at the beginning like the kitty just wants to pet the bunny!)

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