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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

It may be because bunnies hold a special part of my heart. It may be because I've been an admirer of Wallace & Gromit for years. It may be because I like kids' movies with an adult edge. But Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is HI-larious. Seriously. When Wallace grows ears and says "it's this veg diet you've got me on; it's the toxins working their way out" I about lost it. In fact, I did. I had to rewind to hear the next line. And how cute are those bunnies floating around in his trap?! Not quite as cute as Hutch and not nearly as cute as Gromit in the Lady Bunny costume.

It's a can't-miss flick for bunnylovers everywhere. Or, really, for anyone who likes to laugh.

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