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Monday, August 13, 2007


This site makes me think about what useful things people will use their free time with now that they can take a t-shirt off in .7 seconds. Thanks, P, for sending it to me! But why did they get a .org site?!

Some comments on the individual tricks they show:

Quick-pop a bottle cap -- knowing me, I'd get the wrong one popped and soda would be all over the place. ;-)

2-minute soda chill -- Sounds good, but what a lot of salt you'd have to keep on hand and you can't exactly open the can after you've just sloshed it around for 2 minutes.

Quick-peel an egg -- I'm totally trying this next time. I just hope I don't cut my lip on the edge of the shell!

Instant shirt removal -- Looks like it works with a t-shirt, but probably not with anything tighter (like baby-tees, for instance).

Turbo parking -- Can I try this with your car, Honey? Just in case I slam mine into the meter...

Instant baby soothe -- Remarkable. Just don't tell Al Gore you're wasting water like this. I think fountains also work (plus there you can recycle a teeny bit of water instead of running the tap).

Fast-pour ketchup -- This method has been around for years. It's what people used to call "hitting the 57," as on a Heinz bottle, the number 57 on the neck is perfectly positioned for a little smack bringing about a ketchup river.



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